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Empowering You to look and feel Fantastic

I qualified as a Colour Me Beautiful specialist 8 years ago and was fortunate to have
trained with the world renowned Pat Henshaw. During my time working as a specialist,
I have worked with women and men, in all walks of life with most
 of my clients coming from personal recommendation.

I am passionate about my work and wholeheartedly believe that everyone can look
and feel fantastic at all stages of life. I love to help people find their own style,
inner confidence and colour.

I am naturally creative and my consultations are friendly, motivational and fun.
Every consultation is, of course, tailored to your own requirements and the results
can be truly life changing.

The advice you gain at a consultation
is long lasting.

So this is an investment in yourself
and your future.

You will save time, money
and have less in your wardrobe 
but more to wear.

     Drop me a line or give me a call today to see how I can help you

You can email me at:


or call me for an appointment:

Mobile: 07802 897985


Why not give that special person
a gift for life
with a colour me beautiful voucher.

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